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Ron Stockton, world renowned golf instructor to tour players, celebrities, amateurs, and junior golfers. Specializing in the full game including swing instruction, chipping and putting instruction, and he can help you fix the yips.

Ron Stockton working with

LPGA Tour Player Brittany Lang.


Tour Players

"Ron is one of the best coaches out there. He has a great eye and communicates very well. His approach is very simple and has helped me to improve my game and get my first win on the LPGA Tour. You can only get better by working with Ron." - Brittany Lang, LPGA Tour Player



“I have trained several hundred teaching pros in our GolfPsych System over the past 25 years. Ron stands out as one of the fastest learners and has an intuitive grasp of how to employ the 8 Traits with his clients. I have had quite a few that just couldn’t get it. Ron more than got it, he was able to make it do handstands in a very short period of time. We could not be happier that Ron took this step and we consider him one of our top GolfPsych Instructors." - Jon Stabler, Co-Founder, GolfPsych


"Words do not adequately express the impact that you had on [me]...The way that you see the game, and the way that you teach it, is eye opening to me and I am just really appreciative of the time & effort that you gave..." - H.S.

"...[My son] is receiving a very generous athletic scholarship because of all of the important folks that have helped him develop his [game].  You are one of those very special mentors that has developed his short game and [become] his mental [advisor]..." - M.A.

"...The tips Ron gave me have totally changed my approach to putting and has made the game a lot more enjoyable.  Prior to then, I would stress out over my putting.  Now, I look forward to getting up there and making putts.  I can’t thank [Ron] enough. That was the most important instruction I have ever received in 30 years of playing golf! - J.N.

Ron Stockton

Mobile:  (909) 494-6263

Fax:        (909) 748-5060

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